Registration Form for Mission RnD Entrance Exam for 2018 Summer Course –

We are happy to announce that we have started the process for the 2018 summer batch of Mission Rnd.  Every year we look for committed individuals who can push the boundaries that define them and put in the extra effort for learning how to learn.

Expected Audience: Mission RnD 2018 summer selection process is open for all CS and IT students who are currently pursuing their 2nd year of their four-year engineer course.  Students of all the engineering colleges across the country are invited to apply for the same.

Note : Students from other branches if are highly passionate towards coding can also apply .

Course Objective: Mission R&D is an innovative initiative with the mission to “Contribute to the growth of India’s R&D ecosystem by developing the most promising technology students, especially women, and by supporting the talent needs of product companies including start-ups”. The course aims to identify such students and train them to be individuals who are complete software engineers

Prerequisite Knowledge: The course requires that the students possess basic programming skills in C and advanced levels of motivation and a self-drive to push oneself through the course.  The course is designed to test your grey matters but help shall always be given in the form of forums for peer learning, and mentors who will guide you to learn better. If you get bored while Coding , and don’t like to put in efforts towards the course ,Refrain from applying to the course .

Course Timeline:

January 2017 to March 2017: Sample questions will be posted on the official Mission Rnd Facebook Page and also on the website. Every first of the month we will post questions and every 25th we will post their solutions to the same.

March 2017: Entrance exam will be conducted online/offline based on the number of students who are appearing from a college and the availability of a college wise spoc. Test details will be announced soon.  The test shall comprise of coding questions based on:

  • Number System
  • Arrays
  • Strings
  • Functions
  • Pointers

June 2017:  1 or 2 Days Face to Face class by MrnD Faculty which introduces MissionRnD , What we expect from you throughout the year ,Basic Problem Solving Questions , How to code multiple solutions for the Same problem etc .

July 2017 – September 2017: Professional Programming Course. Here you will be learning from the basics of the python to the wonders you can build using Python. Python is a scripting language which eases the software development by a great margin. The main objective of the course is how well you utilise python libraries and solve problems as quick as possible. In this Course you will be learning about 8 Modules which will consist of:

  • Basics of Python, Strings, Lists, Sets, Dicts, Tuples
  • Loops, Control Flow, Functions, Exceptions, Scopes
  • Packages, Iterators, Lambdas, Comprehensions, Classes, Inheritance
  • Decorators, Generators
  • File I/O.
  • Debugging, Testing
  • Timing and Profiling
  • Decomposition and Modularity

Each module will have set of lessons and assignments, which you need to submit by the given deadline.

October 2017- December 2017: C course. We at Mission RnD strongly believe that, to be a great Systems Engineer, one has to very efficient in C . We expect students to dive as deep as possible into the Internals of C during this course. Algorithm and Complexity Analysis will be an integral part of the course . In this course you will be learning the following 8 Modules :

  • Basics of C
  • Arrays
  • Strings
  • Linked Lists
  • Recursion
  • Binary Search Trees
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Files

December Last Week (4Days – Winter Camp) : Here based on the above 2 courses , we will shortlist some students, and a 4Day problem Solving class will be taken at IIIT-H for and GVP.  We will also introduce Node and JS on the final Day.

January 2018 – March 2018: Backend-Development using Node.JS Here you will be writing code for Servers which take requests, processes it and sends responses .You will learn about how Client-Server Architecture works. The Server Side Language you will be learning here is NodeJS along with Express Framework. The Course Teaches you the following modules:

  • JavaScript Intro, Lists, Objects, Loops etc
  • Node JS Introduction
  • Working with Files, JSON etc in NodeJS
  • Node JS Intergration with MYSQL Database
  • Node JS RestServices with Express which will help you perform Create, Read, Update, Delete operations on any Object .
  • Ability to use Tools like Fiddler, Curl, Rest Clients etc. .

What next?

Based on your performance in the above 3 courses and scores in your final tests and your work in the sample projects we gave, We will be shortlisting some students and they will be part of the classes and courses we will conduct from Jan 1st till April 1st. We will be informing those details to the shortlisted students and these students, unless their performance or commitment drops will be part of Summer Program 2018.

Summer Program 2018 (May-June 2018): This will be conducted at IIIT-Hyd, where it will be a 20-25 Days course, where your stay at IIIT-Hyd hostel is mandatory. Depending on the number of students we shortlisted for summer, you will be grouped into either one batch or two batches (Systems & Apps). Which batch you will be going into, depends purely on the yearlong evaluation mentors do on your performance. The Fees for the summer Program will be 15000. You will have to stay at IIIT-Hyderabad hostel during the course and you will have pay separately for hostel and the mess. Staying in the hostel is compulsory.

In summer, you are expected to build number of practical applications related to various fields, it can range from building a sample Compiler to how you will implement a real database or filesystem. As we said at the first, you are expected to write lots of code. At the end of summer course, you will be given a Final project, and one-month time to build it. You need to go back to the home, Re Learn what all has been taught and build the final project given to you. Only after successful completion of the final project we will be awarding course completion certificate to you.

Only those students who have completed all above tasks and received Course Completion certificate will be allowed to attend the interviews for the Product companies hiring through Mission RnD.

Points to take a note of:

  1. This is a paid course.
  2. Each year Mission RnD Alumni award scholarships to students qualified to join the course in case the student has a genuine reason to avail the same. So any students who wishes to avail the same can apply to it. We will post the details post the selection process.
  3. The first three courses (Professional Programming Course, C course and JS course) are run online with 8 in-person classes spread throughout the year.

Sample Questions:

  1. Questions & Solutions – 1
  2. Questions – 2 & Solutions – 2