There are two phases for the 2017 Mission RnD program:

  1. Pre Summer phases: We have three courses run online in the pre summer course.
    1. Professional Programming Python Course: (May 15th – August 15th):
      Students are taught to use a managed language and use it to build things as simple from a ‘Hello World’ to a GUI application.
    2. C & Advanced C Course : (August 15th – Oct 30th ) :
      We at Mission RnD strongly believe that, to be a great Systems Engineer, one has to be very efficient in C. We expect students to dive as deep as possible into the Internals of C during this course. Algorithm and Complexity Analysis will be an integral part of the course.
    3. Backend-Development using NodeJS : (December 2016 – March 2017 ) :
      Here the students will be writing Server Side Code which take requests, processes them and sends responses. They will learn about how Client-Server Architecture works. The Server Side Language you will be learning here is NodeJS along with Express Framework.

What next?
Based on their performance in the above 3 courses and scores in the final tests and their work in the sample projects we will give them, We will shortlist some students and they will be part of the classes and courses  we will conduct from Jan 1st till April 1st.
Summer Program 2017 (May-June 2017) :
This is a 20 to 25 day course that will be conducted at IIIT-Hyd, where students must stay at IIIT-Hyd hostel. Depending on the number of students shortlisted for summer, they will be grouped into either Systems or Apps batches, which depends purely on the year long performance evaluation done by the mentors. During the course, students are expected to build a number of practical applications related to various Computer Science fields. This would range from building a Compiler to  implementing a database system or a filesystem. As we said at the first, students are expected to write a lot of code. At the end of the summer course, they will be given a final project, and a month time to build it. They need to go back to the home, revise all that has been taught and build it. Only after successful completion of the final project they will be awarded the course completion certificate.