Program 2016 was the fifth batch of Mission RnD. The Program started with selection of partner college students by the respective college’s Mission RnD alumni by conducting various sessions and tests, that quizzed their programming and aptitude abilities. The non-partner college students were selected by an online exam. This program was 3 phased.

Pre – Summer phase (August 2015 – April 2016): 

A parallel course was run in three centres Visakhapatnam, Bhimavaram, Hyderabad. This phase included two courses:

  1. C Course (August 2015 – November 2015): From August to November 2015, C Language classes were conducted to brush up the basic coding skills of the students. The classes were handled by Peri sir along with the assistance of alumni of Mission RnD. Students were encouraged to use IDE’s such as Visual Studio and CodeBlocks. Through the ‘Mission RnD Project Tracking Tool‘, students were also given assignments and these were evaluated on the basis of the quality of code, and their run time. The assignments mainly consisted of topics from C, Data Structures that tested their theoretical and analytical skills. Students were mentored by the alumni and guided always to come up with a better solution for their problems and were also made to test their code which gave them a taste of writing real time product code.
  2. Online Python Course (December 2015 – April 2016): Students who performed well in the C course were given an opportunity to join the ‘Professional Programming Course’ which was handled by Kalyan sir. This was an online course where students learnt the internals of using a managed language. Students were encouraged to learn on their own and help their peers by channelizing any queries they had to forums where everyone could help and learn together. Daily assessment on students’ performance, assignments and lesson were circulated via Piazza.
  3. Final Evaluation: A final test for both the python course as well as the C Course to assess the level of understanding of the students. Students were then interviewed in person by the alumni and were selected for the summer camp.

Summer Camp (May 2016 – June 2016):

A 24 day program was hosted at IIIT Hyderabad. The program focused majorly on end to end product development which consisted of two tracks: Systems development and Application development.

  • Systems Development track included development of Filesystems, Compilers, Network Simulators and Advanced Data Structures.
  • The Apps track included learning new technologies and frameworks like Django, Backbone JS and building application that complied by REST Principles.
  • Special EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques ) classes were conducted by Kalyan sir which helped students in producing effective output by managing their stress levels in their personal and professional lives.

Post Summer Camp(June 2016 – July 2016)

In this phase students were given a month’s time after the summer camp to complete a full stack app of their own choice and were also asked to complete the pending applications of the Summer Camp. The team mentors verified the code and the applications built by the students after which certificates were issued to the students.


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