There were two phases in the 2015 Mission RnD program:

Pre-Summer Course: 

We had two courses, one of them was run online and the other offline in the pre-summer course.

C & Advanced C Course: (July 15th, 2014 – March 30th, 2015): We at Mission RnD strongly believe that, to be a great Systems Engineer, one must be very proficient with C. Students were expected to dive as deep as possible into the internals of C during this course. Algorithm and Complexity Analysis were an integral part of the course.

Professional Programming Python Course: (December 1st, 2014 – March 15th, 2015):

Our goal was to get students started on programming for the real world – skills, tools, techniques, mindset and helpful behavior that will help them for the rest of their career. We designed this course to help them on the path of becoming competent programmers. Each of the things we insisted on – right from using the forums, to code reviews, to assignments, to asking good questions and learning to learn by personal research and experimentation will serve them for a long time. Python was only a medium of instruction. The skills that they build along the way can be applied to any new problem, not just the questions they have seen.

What’s expected of the students?: This course is meant to get into a place where product and application companies will be more than happy to hire the students.  The traits the students are expected to develop post this course are:

  • Skill and competence: They can program well, can get a lot of work done in time, can analyze the cost of doing things in various ways, can debug and troubleshoot problems fast when they arise.
  • Motivation to learn on their own
  • Building reputation by helping others: In this course, we encourage students to not only ask good questions but also spend some time answering questions on the discussion forums. Often we can make out how a student is doing by just looking at the quality of their questions and answers on the forums.

Summer Camp (June 3, 2015 – June 30th, 2015): 

This was a 28-day course that was conducted at IIIT-Hyderabad. During the course, students were expected to build a number of practical applications related to various Computer Science fields. This would range from building a Compiler to implementing a database system or a filesystem. One of the major objectives of the summer camp was to mould the students into complete individuals who can not only look at any given situation all the different perspectives but also work together as a team. As a part of the camp a few days were specially designated to help the students bring out their latent soft skills like team building etc. A special startup day was also organised to and students brainstormed for startups ideas and formulated basic business plans, presented it to their classmates and voted for the best among them.

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