Pre Summer Phase (December 2013 – April 2014):    Program 2014 was the third batch of Mission RnD. This program started with an online exam. The exam included programming as well as questions that would test the general aptitude of the students.

Selected students were eligible for the ‘Professional Programming Course’ which helped students understand the subtle art of programming by using ‘Python’ programming language as a medium. Students were made to use python as Scripting, Functional as well as an Object Oriented Language. Students also built GUI applications using the <name> framework.

A parallel course was run in three centers at Visakhapatnam, Bhimavaram and Hyderabad and was focused on enabling students to understand the nitty-gritties of problem solving. Students were encouraged to explore the fundamentals of data structures and algorithms and code them up in C. Every month, Peri sir would travel to each of these centers on successive weekends and interact with students to motivate them to push their boundaries and also to clarify their doubts and review their code.

Both the courses were run parallel for five months and an exam was conducted to test the understanding of the students of the ‘Professional Programming Course.’ Qualified students were then given an opportunity to attend the summer camp at I.I.I.T. Hyderabad.

Summer Camp (June 2014 – July 2014):    The summer camp focused mainly on the transformation of theoretical concepts the students learnt into quality code. The motto was to ‘Learn through Experience’. Students were guided to discern and understand various learning patterns which enabled them to ‘Learn how to learn’.

They collaborated as teams and built, file systems, compilers, network simulation using files and a message store that had a client and a server. These were all built using C. Students also learnt basics of JavaScript in which Web services using REST protocol were built using Node.js and the front end client which consumes the services were built using jQuery and Ajax.

One of the major objectives of the summer camp was to mould the students into complete individuals who can not only look at any given situation all the different perspectives but also work together as a team. As a part of the camp a few days were specially designated to help the students bring out their latent soft skills like team building etc. A special startup day was also organized to and students brainstormed for startups ideas and formulated basic business plans, presented it to their classmates and voted for the best among them.

Post Summer Camp (July 2014 – December 2014):    Students were given a choice of five stacks and were asked to build a full-stack application using one of the stacks of their choice:

  1. MEAN Stack Application
  2. Django and Python Stack Application
  3. Android Application with Java/JSP Backend
  4. Java/JSP + HTML CSS Application
  5. iOS Application using Swift/Objective C

Post the completion of their apps, companies were invited to interview the students.

Partner colleges


Non Partner Colleges


Number of students who attended the Professional Programming Course


Number of Students in the Summer Camp


Number of Female Students in the Summer Camp


Average annual salary

Rs.6 lac