sriniSrini KoppoluFounder & CEO, Veooz Labs

Srini Koppolu is the CEO of ‘Veooz’ and an angel investor based out of Hyderabad, India. Prior to this, he was the Managing Director of Microsoft’s India Development Center (MSIDC) in Hyderabad and a Corporate Vice President at Microsoft. During his 21 years long career at Microsoft, Srini spearheaded many strategic initiatives, both at Redmond and at MSIDC, for some very important products like Office95, Office97 and also for the Windows operating system.

MSIDC is today Microsoft’s largest product development center outside of the United States of America with more than 1500 employees developing core products and technologies that impact millions of Microsoft customers around the world. He is credited with building a strong brand for MSIDC as an organisation that creates a global impact and is the primary destination for India’s top talent! Srini also played a major role in driving Microsoft’s global software development strategy by partnering with leaders of Microsoft’s China and Israel development centers and also with many senior executives at Microsoft. He also holds more than 20 patents.

After leaving Microsoft in October 2010, Srini started advising and investing in startups, and he was the first President of Hyderabad Angels. Srini is very passionate about building a strong R&D talent pool in India and founded Mission RnD to address this important challenge with focus on computer science and related fields.

peri (2)Perraju BendapudiVice President Engineering, Adobe

Perraju Bendapudi, or Peri as he is fondly addressed, is a technocrat currently working as the Vice President of Engineering at Adobe. Prior to this, he worked with the Microsoft India Development Center for 13 years in various capacities and also with Kony Labs, as its Senior Vice President for Cloud and Applications.

Perraju started his line of work at Microsoft as a Senior Developer and subsequently became the Lead Developer of Service for Unix and the Development Manager for Windows group at MSIDC. As the Principle Architect, he worked on the Verification Platform and the Binary Based Static Driver Verifier. As Partner and Development Director, Perraju worked on Server and High Scale Service of Live mesh, and the Azure Caching and Integration Services.

In 2013, he moved to Kony Labs as it’s Senior Vice President for Cloud and Applications. At Kony, Perraju owned the development of all the cloud assets, the cloud foundation, the mobile backend as service and the run-time applications teams. He is credited with building a great team that owned the foundation to ship products via both servers on-premise and the cloud. Eventually, he owned all engineering and architecture for all the products of Kony including it’s Client Runtimes, Tooling, Mobile Fabric runtimes and App services.

Along with these Perraju owns 80+ patents and his areas of expertise are Compilers, Big Data and Machine Learning. He also enjoys teaching the fundamentals of Computer Science.

kc2Kalyan Chakravarthi Sonnathi

Kalyan Chakravarthy, popularly called KC, has more than a decade of cutting edge experience building back-end frameworks and run-times for large scale services and products at companies like Microsoft and Trilogy. KC, who has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from IIT Madras, is also one of the two certified ‘Emotrance’ practitioners in India.

KC is also passionate about a range of non-technology topics that span, belief and stress elimination techniques, to teaching and learning models that enhance the experience of students and trainers. As a faculty member KC puts his diverse interests to good use and is particularly responsible for designing effective learning environments for Mission R&D’s online and classroom courses.

jaganJagan Peri, Senior Principal Scientist – Cloud Technology Group, Adobe

Jagan Peri is a hands-on technology engineering leader with proven record of shipping high-scale cloud services, mobile frameworks and metadata-driven application and platforms/services.

He is currently working as a Senior Principal Scientist at Adobe. He previously was the Chief Architect and Senior Vice President at Kony where he built and architected Kony Modeler and App Services ,a platform for building dynamically configurable or extensible enterprise mobile apps. He was the Principal Development Manager at Microsoft for 15 years where he led the Azure Caching Service and in roles before that led teams for the Dynamics CRM platform.


Laxmi Narsimha Rao OrugantiOracle

Laxmi Narsimha Rao Oruganti, popularly called OLN, has more than 15 years of experience at Microsoft and Samsung and is currently working at Oracle. He is a great evangelist and customer advocate and also holds an international patent in SQL Change Tracking Layer.

Collective Intellect (CI) is a company acquired by Oracle and OLN bootstrapped the development team in India working on many things including rewriting the data collection and data transformation layers. He has worked on multiple components of SQL CE embedded database engine stack and has a deep understanding of the SQL Server. He played a lead role in designing and implementing Managed Embedded Database Engine and multiple protocols of the IPv6 Protocol Stack, ICMPv6, TCP and UDP modifications.

hariHari Krishnan SCEO & Co-Founder, Techyard Software Systems

Hari Krishnan has a decade-long experience building high scale cloud services at Microsoft. He was the Co-Founder and CEO of Cloudgust, a SaaS platform for enterprises and is currently the CTO at

Hari worked in senior development positions at Microsoft, where he shipped products like Microsoft Azure Distributed Cache Storage, Microsoft AppFabric Messaging and Microsoft Live Mesh Data Sync Services. Hari, who holds five international patents in distributed systems and cloud services, is passionate about simplifying people’s life with the application of always available services and new form factors of connected devices that are coming up.

rohitRohit Bisht, Sr Computer Scientist – Software Development, Adobe

 Rohit Bisht has more than a decade-long experience in designing and building critical modules at Microsoft and is currently the VP of CustomFurnish. He is also the Co-Founder of Techyard Software Systems, whose vision is to simplify the delivery of high-scale Enterprise SaaS and Analytics based solutions on the cloud.

Rohit is a seasoned developer with a rich technology background on Virtualization and Large Scale Distributed systems based technologies. He was one of the key members of the launch of Microsoft Visual Studio Lab Manager and he also worked on core technical features of Microsoft Azure Caching. He also had a key role in a binary based platform that helped with Basic Block Optimizations, Dataflow analysis and Binary Verification and Transformation, which are being used by many products of Microsoft including the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office and the SQL Server.