Abhijith-RavuriAbhijith Ravuri, Adobe., MRND 2015

Before entering MRND, I never knew the importance of code quality, the frequently evolving technologies and the competition levels of coders in my age. I expected that MRND would give me a platform where I can hone and showcase my skills. The monthly classes helped to keep up my focus consistently. Peri sir’s lectures constantly motivated me to push myself till I achieved my goals. During the summer course, the most important thing that I learnt is teamwork, to stay focused and code till the project/tasks given to us were completed, new programming languages that simplify coding effort. The course seemed tough initially, but that is what is required to drive yourself. At the end of the day, MRND is a great platform for budding programmers to prove themselves to the world. MRND not only helps you to develop your skill set, but also helps in your overall development. MRND is a definite course for students who want to learn constantly. I feel students who have gone through all the screenings and courses without dropping out are most probably going to be a great product developers.


Abhinand-LingareddyAbhinand Lingareddy, MS in Computer Science from University of North Carolina State University, MRND 2013

I was a passionate programming, but I found only few assignments during our bachelors to be well suited to my interests. MissionR&d was the first course where I found assignments to be both interesting and challenging. During the pre-summer course, we were given programming assignments consisting of linked lists, string problems, recursion, trees etc. and we used to get instant feedback directly from faculty. Along with improving our programming skills, these assignments helped us in knowing about time complexities, problem solving skills and good programming practices. During the summer course, we were given assignments related to application development like python, learning new technologies like git , rest, facebook apis, nodejs etc along with system development like designing and building forums website using file and socket level programming which gave us the taste of both. It was only through MissionRND, I started working in team projects. I worked with atleast three different teams in the whole course where I learned the importance of clarity of design, partitioning the work, challenges in integration etc. This also helped me in knowing the difficulties that we faced while changing the teams and helped us in accustoming them. I feel that the work I did in MissionRnD gave me a practical exposure of how people work in a software company along with developing skills that helped me to excel as a software engineer.


archana narahari

Archana Narahari, Kony India Pvt. Ltd., MRND 2014

Personally, I had little to no clue as to how the corporate world functioned or what they expected out of a fresher in terms of behavioural or technical aspect. Perseverance is one of the many traits that I acquired in during the pre-summer classes. The exercises and assignments given didn’t only improve me on a technical front but also gave me an opportunity to learn things on my own unlike the other institutions where I previously studied in. I expected a steep learning curve technically. During the summer course I experienced a colossal growth, both technically and personally. I was given an opportunity to connect with like minded people who hail from various parts of the state, all having a common and intense objective to acquire a strong hold on the subject they love. The experience helped me in becoming nimble on the technical side, thus enabling me to learn new technologies with ease. The projects given were challenging, fun, educative all at the same time. Working in teams to complete them added to our professionalism by mocking the environment we would face in the corporate world.

The course also encouraged me in building my orative skills in an articulate manner by allowing me to put forth my ideas during the soft skills exercises. It was definitely one of the best things that happened to me, it facilitated an overall development in my professional and personal life as well.


Divi-SravyaDivi Sravya, IIM Raipur, MRND 2015

When you experience the culture of competition and dedication, people possess around you ,you will get the zeal of learning and the strategy you need to plan towards your career. Mission R&D helps you to build your own strategy for your future life which is worth experiencing. If you are a person with strong determination towards product development and want to develop your career in it, mission R&D is the right place for your search.


Pola-Hema-VishnuPola Hema Vishnu, Adobe, MRND 2012

Mission R&D, the name itself says its prima facie is R & D. It takes you through a big vessel of hardship that you might generally face ahead in future. It teaches you what you need to aspire for, why you need to ace, how to buckle up for the race.It never encouraged us to learn for a job, instead it motivated us to learn for the sake of learning.This is what I learnt from Mission R&D: Have a goal, focus on it, and work hard to achieve that. There is no substitute for hard work. Don’t compare yourself with others. Only compare with yourself – where you were yesterday and where you are today.”Learn how to learn” is the motto I learnt from mission R&D and hard work as the tool to ace up in any challenge we face.


M-RanjanaM Ranjana, M.S. in Computer Science from I.I.I.T. Hyderabad, MRND 2014

I didn’t know how my passion for computer science could actually attain its goal. I always love coding but I had no idea how this interest of mine could help me in future. I didn’t know the difference between a program code and good program code which is very important. I learnt the basic necessities of a good program. The usage of proper naming, format, indentation, comments, etc. Another important thing that I learnt was writing test cases for a program.

Mission R&D is a lifetime experience. I was completely in a different world during that one month of the summer course. All I knew was to eat, sleep and code. This course not only helped to become a good programmer but also taught me moral values to be a better human being and how important is it to give back to the society.


Hanumansetti-PriyankaPriyanka Hanumansetti, Oracle, MRND 2012

It helped me a lot in changing my thought process and it helped me to explore and work with new technologies like Cloud Computing especially made me aware of how to work with Windows Azure and Amazon Cloud service providers. Generally, in regular college classes, we will learn the steps of how to build products theoretically but the faculty at Mission R & D made us follow those steps and made us capable of building products like Document Repository. Faculty at Mission R & D made us learn “how to learn”. They made us know how the building of a product happens in the software industries and made us follow that process. They made us work as a team which is essential quality a software professional should possess. The goals of Mission R & D are very clear that they want to transfer the knowledge from a generation of highly qualified R & D professionals to the future generation of software professionals. It made me capable of writing productive and efficient code and gave me confidence that I can build a product of my own. Without enrolling to Mission R & D I may lose a great opportunity to meet such a well-qualified professionals and their teaching.


Vamsi-KajaVamsi Kaja, Sirius Computer Solutions, MRND 2013

Prior to MRND course, I had not much knowledge about writing better code.Pre-Summer classes helped me learn things like usage of data structures and different algorithms which inturn helped me in writing optimised code.Summer classes has helped me in developing critical problem solving capabilities,choosing the proper algorithm for a problem in different situations,designing and developing complex systems,having an idea of scalability of applications.We were taught many things like team work,scalability,how a Business Model works etc.The way I look at Computer Science has changed a lot after Mission RnD.My love and interest for Computer Science has increased a lot and now CS has become a part of my Life.I think Mission RnD is a dynamic organisation and we are making changes every year to suit the system.


venkata_sudheer_kalangiVenkata Sudheer Kalangi, Arcesium, MRND 2014

Before getting into MRND course, I had no clue about many concepts like time and space complexities, memory management, latest technologies like nodeJS, Python. With the help of Pre-Summer classes, I have learnt to use different data structures and problem solving algorithms which helped me solve good real time problems like maze. This course helped me in learning the core concepts of computer science.During Summer course we developed an end-to-end project which includes website development, server and database management using latest cutting edge technologies,building forums etc. Got a very good hands-on experience on concepts like threading,file management,writing API’s etc. Overall I had a very good learning experience in this course. It has made everyone realize their potential to the fullest and has laid a platform to all the students where they can continue to improve their skills. There is no spoon feeding here. This is a self-learning platform.


Vineeth-GunaVineeth Guna, Adobe, MRND 2013

I had very less knowledge on data structures and problem solving techniques before getting into MRND course. In Pre-Summer classes, I got a chance to solve a lot of problems which in turn helped improve my problem solving abilities. It helped me gain practical knowledge regarding many things like time and space complexities. Summer classes had a very good environment where everyone is passionate about learning.We got guidance from the top software professionals in industry. I have learnt many things like effective usage of data structures, how core concepts of computer science are built, working in teams,interacting with people etc. I came to know the real importance of discussions with mentors.I could also pull up my confidence levels to a great extent. With the best software professionals in the industry guiding you at every step, and the best environment where everyone is as smart as you are, I have learnt the beauty of computer science by designing the core concepts like networking, file-systems, etc. using concepts of data structures and problem solving algorithms.

Apart from the technical stuff, this course helped me in understanding the other dimension of life in terms of personal development, how to interact with people and work together. During this course I have gained tremendous amount of confidence which is helping me progress in my career. With a strong motive of “learn how to learn”, this course is a 360 degree view of what happens in a product company.


Karthik-AdaparthiKarthi AdaparthiMicrosoft, MRND 2012

Mission R&D has, in many ways, gave me insights into my strengths, my weaknesses and to the parts which needed improvement – in all aspects of my life.

At Mission R&D, I have learned how to approach new, hard and big problems without fear by creating prototypes of real world products that billions of people use. I have improved immensely on my problem-solving skills, which helped me become more confident while attending Interviews.I got used to contributing in a team because I was surrounded by smart people from everywhere working on a common problem.

Personally, I was greatly inspired by many industry veterans who are so brilliant, yet so humble.I have got a better perspective of life after experiencing Mission R&D. So many questions I had on what I really want to do in my life have been answered after experiencing Mission R&D. I am grateful to the institution, and I will be in its debt for my life.


Vaishampayan-ReddyVaishampayan Reddy,  M.S. in Computer Science from San Jose State University, MRND 2013

I was a student from one of the top 5 colleges of my state. The curriculum at my college required me to write code that just works. I was earlier confident that I wrote the best code. When MissionR&D faculty taught the pre-summer program at my college, it was enlightening. I learnt a lot about programming, writing tight and optimized code in the few pre-summer classes of MissionR&D. I was also able to crack the written tests of Microsoft IDC, Hyderabad. The summer coursework was highly comprehensive that involved socket programming, full stack development, data structures and algorithms, object oriented design, system design, server programming etc. There were like-minded people from other top colleges, with them we formed development teams and wrote code every day. We literally developed a mini database management system as a part of a project. We also learnt the importance of writing code every day, teamwork, communication, perseverance. With the experience and knowledge that I got at MissionR&D I was able to secure jobs at multiple companies. I worked at Kony Labs for close to two years where we developed a product right from its nascent stages to it becoming the flagship product for the company. All this personal growth would not have been possible without the training I got at MissionR&D. The course at MissionR&D doesn’t only teach CS but also about “How to learn”. This has helped me learn various other technologies and fields on my own. Currently I am doing my Masters in USA. I was able to secure a job as a Research Assistant here at the university, working on Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis by showcasing all the work done at MissionR&D and Kony Labs. I owe a lot to the institution and the due credit to whatever I achieved today was due to the excellent faculty, mentors and alumni. Today, five years since its inception the course offered at MissionR&D is thorough, all rounded and suited to produce top talents for the software industry.


Bhargavi-AnnadevaraBhargavi Annadevara, Kony India Pvt. Ltd., MRND 2015

Through MRND, I learnt the different ways in which a problem can be perceived and solved. Before joining MRND, my expectations from the course were to strengthen my programming skills and master data structures. I hoped this programme would expose me to real-world programming as done in leading product companies. Thus, bridging the gap between academics and the industry, and enabling me to become a competent software developer. During summer classes, we were given a challenging set of questions each day to solve, as in a Hackathon, which engulfed us completely, and are fairly complex. We enjoyed solving these programs and learning different aspects of product development every day. MRND was a golden opportunity that came my way and laid the foundation of my learning. The enormous amount of time and effort that the faculty and the mentors spend in designing the course inspires students to learn more, each day. It enables one to understand real-world programming practices better, and bridges the gap between academics and the industry. Apart from this, it teaches one how to endure stressful situations confidently and stresses on the importance of time management. On the whole, it was an amazing and edifying experience!


Yasasvee-Atreya-VulimiriYasasvee Atreya Vulimiri, Kony Ind. Pvt. Ltd., MRND 2014

I was living in a nut shell prior to MRND. Pre-Summer classes taught me how to write good, crisp code and opened up a new perspective as in how to look at a given problem, and other internals of things, be it a standard library function or a data structure or any other topic. Summer course taught me how to look at things in differnt ways, how to convert an idea to code, how to pick up something and get hands on, to be precise the summer course taught me how to learn things, how to apply what you’ve learned to tackle a problem. Apart from these, it taught me to work with the strengths and weaknesses of a team, how to articulate things and many more.
MRND is one of the best thing that can happen to an individual in terms of expanding the spectrum of your perspective as in the way you look at things, they way you understand things and implement them. Apart from the technical aspects, MRND helped shape my persona to what I am today.


Raviteja-GanireddyRaviteja Ganireddy, M.S. in Computer Science from University of Florida, MRND 2013

I am a student from 2013 batch. Mission RnD has been a game changing the experience for me. Mission rnd has helped me become a diversified person , we got to meet and learn from some of the top-notch developers from industry. I am currently doing my masters in US now and my fellow friends are amazed by the way I learn new technologies and my approach to new problems. I give the complete credit for this to mission rnd.


Adapa-PrudhviAdapa Prudhvi, M.S. in Computer Science from University of Florida, MRND 2013

Before MRND I was keen for data structures and problem solving but was never had a practical knowledge and usually has knowledge whatever is in the college curriculum. Later in the pre-summer class I got a chance to solve simple problems which will helped me to brush up my problem-solving skills and the simplest thoughts how it’s going to change the total solution. MRND introduced me to a new peer in summer classes where everyone is at least as smart as me and I really enjoyed to learn new things from their perspective, they might contradict with your thinking but those make sense when you think from their view, collectively everyone learned from each other’s views and approaches. This is one of the key things expected from you as a software professionals in industry. Apart from this with the help of top professionals in the industries as mentors I have learnt about network programming, usage of data structures, File systems, interacting with others, expressing your thoughts, etc. With the training from MRND I could secure a job at Teradata R&D and worked for a close three years. This course is not just focused on CS fundamentals but also helps to learn new thing with ease.