Founded in the year 2012 by Mr. Srini Koppolu and Mr. Perraju Bendapudi on the belief that a large number of technically smart students also exist outside of India’s Tier-1 engineering colleges, Mission RnD believes that with the right training, quality talent can be discovered to cater to product development roles.

Mission RnD’s objective is “To contribute to the growth of India’s R&D ecosystem by developing the most promising technology students, especially women, and by supporting the talent needs of product companies, including Start-ups.

Mission RnD uses a rigorous multi-phase selection process to identify engineering undergraduates with the right potential and puts them through a year-long online training program while pursuing the 3rd year of their engineering. This training culminates in an in-person month long, an intense course where students get to live and breathe the whole gamut of issues involved in end to end product development. The instructors are technical architects at R&D companies with many years of hands-on engineering experience in building large scale systems and developing multiple versions of global products. Following a shared passion for contributing to Mission R&D’s mission, these instructors take a week off from their work to teach in the summer program.

Learning how to learn is one of the key skills that the students pick up during the program and this enables them to have a long and successful career in the constantly changing horizon of the software industry. They also acquire soft skills such as insights into team dynamics while working on projects. Interacting with the instructors and their fellow students from other colleges enables them to envision ideas from all perspectives.

Besides helping, students gain expertise in computer science fundamentals, professional software development tools, and latest programming paradigms and platforms. This program gives them lots of confidence and helps them realize their inherent potential to not only become top R&D engineers but also complete individuals who lead a responsible life.